Preventative Pet Care

Pet parents want only the best for their pets. That involves doing everything you can to keep your pet happy and healthy at all times. Let Vetted be your partner throughout pet parenthood. Through Vetted we offer you preventative pet care that gives you everything you need to take care of your dog in the comfort of your home and guide you through what is crucial to have done at your vet’s office. We are there for you at all times – in all stages of pet parenthood.

Our preventative health care plan for pets provides monthly kits that contain the finest products for keeping your pet in the best health. We only work with products and diagnostics that are the highest veterinary standards of care We also provide grooming supplies to help prevent ear infections, and we offer diagnostic tests to ensure you catch any early warning signs of disease or infection. If you want to get the total protection plan, you also get preventative chewables delivered directly to your home that protect against heartworm & flea and tick medication. When paired with reimbursements for regular exams and vaccinations at your vet’s office and our comprehensive app, you have the very best in preventative care for pets. And it’s finally all located in one place.

The Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member means you get access to much more than our kits to provide preventative medicine for your pets at home. You can also speak with a pet professional virtually any time and from anywhere through the Vetted app. Our pet professionals are not here to diagnose issues or prescribe medications but are rather here for you to be the guidance and advice you need through the many ups and downs of parenthood. Someone that is as obsessed, or even more, with your pet as you are.  We also give you the power to track your dog’s health history through our comprehensive health log, which tracks which services and diagnostics you have had and reminds you when you need to do them again. We are on top of it for you. No more going to doggy daycare just to find out that your vaccines are expired, and you now need to wait 3 weeks until you get a vet appointment. When you join one of our pet wellness plans (memberships), you can also be reimbursed for two annual exams a year, vaccinations, and a heartworm or deworming test. We will cover up to $210 in reimbursements that are not traditionally covered with pet insurance or just come out of your deductible. Let us take on that burden for you.

Take Charge of Your Pet’s Health

Good health isn’t confined to the vet’s office. It is something that must be done consistently throughout the year. We all want our pets to be in the best health for as long as possible. We love them and want them to be by our sides, in good health, for as long as they can.  Becoming a Vetted parent allows you to have a holistic preventative pet health membership that can give you peace of mind while doing what is right for your pet. No negotiations.

We’re committed to empowering pet parents with all the resources they need to care for their pets in the most efficient way possible.

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can partner with you, get in touch with us today or sign up for a membership to start experiencing the benefits of being a Vetted parent.