Pet Health Log

Pet health is like human health. Just like we need to track our health to see the holistic picture, we need to track our pets’ health. Vetted is here to make it easy. We’ll track your pet’s health and manage their annual health calendar for you. Instead having to dig for documentation on their vaccinations, vet exams, or re-ordering of heartworm and flea and tick meds, we’ll reach out to you first be on top of it for you. As a Vetted parent you’ll finally have someone you can trust who’s ensuring your pet’s health comes first so you can focus on the fun of having a pet.

When you become a Vetted parent, you’ll have access to our pet health log in the Vetted app. This means you can access your pet’s vaccination records and other important documents – just take a snap of your invoice and clinical summary and we’ll record it in the app for you. With your pet’s medical records on the app, you’ll be able to share your pet’s entire health history with whoever you need, whenever you need. Knowledge is power and we pride ourselves on being that bridge for you.

The Benefits of Our Health Logs

How do you currently store your pet’s health records? In the current pet care ecosystem, we are not taught to track our pets’ health records or given any tools to do so. Critical health information is kept in the “system”, and we are left to guess or remember what treatments, services, and diagnosis our pets have had. Because of this, we aren’t tracking our pets’ vet appointments, shots/vaccines, fecal tests, blood tests, and other important details pertaining to their health. Fortunately, our health log acts as a pet health tracker app that will give you peace of mind because we are as obsessed – sometimes even more – with your pet’s health as you are With our pet health log, you can feel secure that your pet’s medical information is being tracked and stored at all times, ready for you to view or share at any time with the click of a button. By collecting and storing your pet’s health log for you, we are able to ensure that you’ll never forget an upcoming appointment, thanks to reminders that tell you when it’s time for any needed care you might have scheduled.

If you ever need to share this information with your vet, a sitter, an urgent care, or anyone else, our pet health app, for dogs and cats, makes it simple to share with a single click. No more folders of invoices disguised as health records. You’re in charge of your pet’s records.

Here for You and Your Pet

There’s more to being a Vetted parent than just having access to our pet health app. You and your pet will finally have a holistic solution to pet parenthood. You’ll receive regular health kit deliveries that include preventative chewables, grooming kits and tests to ensure your pet is getting the best care throughout the year. 

We will never negotiate the quality of care of your pet’s health. For any crucial services that we cannot send you at home, we will reimburse you for those services at any vet of your choice. Even at those in-person vet appointments, we’ll be with you. Just chat with us in the app to ask questions or to get simple advice – we’ll always be there for you through our 24/7 in-app  chat with vet professionals.

A Vetted membership empowers you to be the best pet parent you can be. Click here to join today and become a Vetted parent.