For Our Vets

We know vets hold a special place in our pet’s trusted inner circle.

Nothing beats hearing that clean bill of health after a pet’s physical exam, or a pet parent receiving expert guidance and comfort in times of concern.

That is why Vetted places routine visits to the veterinary clinic as a core element in our mission. Vetted will be the extenuation of your guidance well after the conclusion of a visit.

Why Partner with Vetted

Appreciation Bonus

We know vets are some of the most altruistic individuals out there. That’s why we want to appreciate your trust in Vetted with a $30 bonus ($50 for the first three months!) for every referral client that signs up through your recommendation.

Client Retention

Twice yearly wellness visits are baked into our Vetted education and programming. Clients will receive the reminders for biannual vet visits and enjoy the rewards that come from doing the best for their pet!

Referral Base

Vetted is always searching for high-level veterinary care facilities to be included in our referral base. If your clinic meets that gold standard service, we would love to feature you as a recommended veterinary practice to pet parents in your area!

How does Vetted benefit my patients and pet parents?

Vetted acts as a guide and advocate for your patients’ health after the conclusion of your consultation. Pet parents will receive vet-approved care products delivered to their door and reminders for optimal at-home pet care practices – stewarding preventative pet health 365 days a year. 

Your pet parents will be supported by Vetted’s Pet Professional chat to answer any parenting questions, and receive recommendations to follow up with their vet when something doesn’t seem quite right. And, in times of urgency, Vetted pet parents can take their pet to their local Veterinary Emergency Group and have their exam fee waived – removing any barriers for gold standard care. 

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What is the Vetted Council?

The Vetted Council is the backbone to driving Vetted’s mission in gold standard pet care. Our team of veterinarians assess product and service offerings and ensure everything we do is for the best interest of the pet. If you have questions about the Vetted Council, or are interested in becoming involved with our council, fill out your info below and we’ll be in touch!

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