Built for pet parents,
by pet parents and vets

About Us

As pet parents ourselves, we’ve always wished we could have a friend who’s a vet. Someone we could call if we notice a bump on our dog’s face or our cat is turning up her nose to her food. Our pets are family, but we don’t have access to the same level of knowledge we expect with non-furry family members.

We created Vetted to be the vet friend we wish we could have, and we’re proud to extend our membership to other pet parents looking for the same level of care for their pets.

Our Team

Maya Shaposhnik Cadena

CEO and Co-Founder

Ashley Brooks

CTO and Co-Founder

Brandi Jackson

Chief of People and Pets (Staff)

Rich Taylor

Chief Marketing Officer

Rebecca Wulfsohn

Director of Operations

Geva Bidner

Software Engineer

Dr. Kate McDaniel

Chief Veterinary Officer

Kealy Fitzsimmons

Vet Professional

Ivana Vorsin

Vet Professional