We're your pet parent support system

Vetted was created for pet parents by pet parents with the goal of empowering you to be the best pet parent you can be.

Because one vet visit a year isn't enough.

Because simply managing your pet's pain isn't enough.

Because your pet only has one life.

What's included in your Vetted Membership:

Mobile App

Your virtual pet database that includes reminders for care, tracking of records, and premium content designed to support you.

Preventive Health Kits

We deliver all the tools you need directly to your home.

Pet Pro's in your pocket

Our chat feature quickly connects you to pet professionals if you ever have a question or concern about your pet or their health.

We're obsessed with our
Vetted Members

With Love, Vetted

We have officially launched in Illinois and have early access available to those in New York State and New Jersey!

But our app is available everywhere! Want to know when we're live in your city?

Add your name to the list and you'll be the first to know!

Awards Won

Semi-Finalists in SXSW Start-Up Pitch

Top 5 Start-Ups of the Year (VMX)

People's Choice Award

3rd Place Chicago Booth Business School's New Venture Challenge

How does Vetted work?

Preventative health kits sent to
your home

Let’s face it, it’s hard to get a vet appointment these days. And seeing the vet once a year for 15 minutes just doesn’t cut it. Our pets deserve more.

So we’re empowering you from home.

We, pet parents and vets, created health kits with gold standard products and diagnostics you need to take care of your pet’s health at home. The best products and the best prices – Vetted by us and shipped directly to you three (3) times a year.

Manage your pet's health with our mobile app

Don’t you wish you could have an executive assistant dedicated to your pet’s health? Well, we’ve built one for you.

Our mobile app features:

  • A digital health log you can access wherever, whenever.
  • Reminders when it’s time to give your pet crucial preventative care services like administering preventative medications, cleaning their ears, and going to the vet.
  • Helpful content teaching you how to give your pet the gold standard of care from home

Chat with a Pet Pro

Like a friend, we’re just a text away. Chat with us in the app and we’ll guide you through any questions about your pet’s health. 

We treat your pet as if they’re our own. If there’s a way to take care of your pet from home, we’ll be the first to tell you – but if they need to see a vet, we’ll always recommend what’s best. 

Your pet comes first. Always.

Rewards for being an excellent pet parent

When you check things off your Vetted reminders list, you’ll score points for giving your pet the Vetted standard of care.

And when you see your vet for crucial services you can’t do yourself, we’ll give you bonus points.

Score enough points, and you’ll get all types of rewards!

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